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It’s essential that you refuel and recover within 30 minutes of your workout. Your body is still in the fat burning zone, so refueling quickly will boost your metabolism, allowing you to burn calories even while your body’s at rest.

The importance of refueling and recovering is precisely why EveFit has created the world’s healthiest protein shake.

In our lounge area, you’ll find our EveCare Protein Shake Bar. Chat with other Queens as you enjoy one of our delicious meal replacement protein shakes. Choose from plant (vegan) or whey proteins and from savory or sweet options. Our protein shakes are low carb, low sugar meal replacements that will keep your metabolism boosted. You’ll continue to burn through stored body fat up to 36 hours post-workout!

In addition to loving our EveCare Protein Shake Bar, you’ll love our nutritional support program. Topics covered in our nutritional program include:
• Nutritional goal setting
• Mindful eating training
• Losing weight by losing toxicity
• The importance of protein
• Mastering your food environment
• The dark side of sugar
• Dealing with stress and emotional imbalance
• Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

At EveFit, we’ll never ask you to deprive yourself of nourishing foods. EveFit nutrition isn’t a fad – it’s a lifestyle you can maintain. Come to

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